Can still breastfeed with flat nipples, find out how here

The first experience of breastfeeding is not easy, especially if you have flat nipples. Even so, no need to worry too much. You can still breastfeed with a flat nipple, as long as you know how to deal with it. Let's find out how here. A person is said to have a flat nipple if the nipple position is not higher than the areola or the surrounding area that is reddish or brown. Unlike the nipples in general, flat nipples usually will not arise when stimulated. Flat nipples are not a rare condition, this condition is experienced by around 10-20% of women in the world. Flat nipples can occur from childhood or when growing up. This condition can be caused by several factors, including due to certain diseases, trauma, swelling in the tissue behind the nipple, or because of a pull under the nipple that is pressing on the tissue in the area. How to Breastfeed with Flat Nipples Can you breastfeed with flat nipples? The answer is, it can. But of course it takes more patience and effort t
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